Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for..........

X is for..........Xtraterrestrial.

This is going to be a short post. I've been crazy busy getting ready for the city track meet this week. I had some posts done in advance, but alas, the Challenge has caught up to me.

So yeah, X is for Xtraterrestrials. A bit of a cop out, sure, but this is my 3rd A-Z, so I'm due for a wonky X.

These are my top 5 movies with Xtraterrestrials:

5) Alien
4) Super 8
3) E.T.
2) Starman
1) Signs

What's your favorite movie featuring Xtraterrestrials?


  1. Good luck with the track meet! And, nothing wrong with a wonky X. :)

  2. none nada...i had squishy aliens...hate them!!

  3. The Alien movies are probably the classics... but I love the aliens in the TV show Roswell :)

  4. I didn't care much for Signs. Ha. But I loved Super 8 and even Starman (though it has been Forever since I have seen it). ET will forever be a favorite. And I didn't see Aliens. I feel your pain at the end of this challenge. My pre-written posts ran out, too...

  5. Xtraterrestrials works for me. :) I'd forgotten about Starman; I loved that: The first four movies on your list would make it onto my top five, too, and I'd also throw inThe Man Who Fell to Earth.

    I don't think I've seen Signs--have to go find the trailer to see if that can possibly be true.

  6. I did really enjoy Signs and Alien (though it is a bit gross), but my favourite has to be Galaxy Quest. It's a great spoof.

    Fellow A to Z'er :)