Saturday, December 7, 2013

Something to Write About

It's been a long time. No reason really, just haven't felt the need to write anything in a while. A long while actually.

One of those magical moments happened in the classroom, and it's got me at the keyboard.

My students had to do a round of mandated testing this week. Reading, writing, arithmetic. For the writing assessment, the kids were asked to write a narrative about time travel.

Reading through the kids' stories, I was genuinely impressed with the overall quality. One really stood out though.

One of the girls wrote a story about her journey back in time to a small village in Ethiopia to see her mom. She spends the day watching her mom play in the yard with her teddy bear. When the mother is called inside, she leaves the teddy bear outside. My student sneaks in and grabs it, taking it back with her to the present. She gives the bear to her mother, and seeing this relic of her past, she is overwhelmed with emotion.

I was floored by the power of this girl's story. It's the little things like this one story that make teaching such a rewarding experience.

That's definitely something to write about.