Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for..........

W is for..........War.

There have been a lot of movies about war over the years. I always feel weird talking about war movies. It never feels right to say "I love that movie."

War is not a pleasant subject, and my appreciation for the best war films is different than any other genre. The best war movies shed a light or make a statement. They're usually hard to watch, but their greatness is undeniable. These are 5 of the very best:

5) Bridge on the River Kwai
4) Lawrence of Arabia
3) Full Metal Jacket
2) Saving Private Ryan
1) Glory

What do you think is the best war movie ever made?


  1. not a big war movie fan, I avoid it as much as I can but number 2 I liked form your list!

  2. Those are all great movies and I would add (of course) Apocalypse Now and Platoon.

  3. I haven't seen many war movies but I definitely agree with your #1. I would add Platoon to the list as well although that movie is probably the biggest reason I haven't seen many war movies. I saw it when it came out and it upset me so much I've avoided war movies ever since. Just can't handle the violence.

    Happy Friday, Tim! :)

  4. War is a tough subject. Haven't seen all of these movies. I tend to avoid War movies, I think. I did see Braveheart. That was very good, but painful to watch.