Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for..........

C is for..........Coen

I'm a huge fan of the Coen brothers. The first Coen brother movie I saw was Raising Arizona in 1987. I went with my friend Mike, and I remember thinking that I hadn't seen anything like it. My understanding of tone was certainly minimal at the time, but even I could tell the humor in Raising Arizona was something different. Little did I know, it was the beginning of a lifelong cinematic relationship.

I recently participated in Alex Cavanaugh's Top 10 Movie Countdown Blogfest. 2 Coen movies made my list, and two others were very close. I haven't loved all of their films, and there are a couple that fell completely flat for me, but when the Coens make a movie, I'm there.

Here are my top 5 from the brothers Coen:

5) O Brother, Where Art Thou?
4) No Country for Old Men
3) Fargo
2) Raising Arizona
1) The Big Lebowski

Love the Coens? Hate 'em? What's your favorite Coen brother movie?


  1. I loved the Big Lebowski, in fact I must re-watch this soon!

  2. I know of them but haven't seen any of those films.

    1. I am like that, this is sort of the first for me that i have actually seen one of the movies!

  3. I haven't seen enough Coen movies. The Big Lebowski is top of a lot of people's all time lists.

  4. Like Nick, I haven't seen enough of them. I feel kind of ashamed and pathetic that I've never seen the Big Lebowski because it gets referenced so often.
    Loved Raising Arizona!

  5. Really enjoyed FARGO and NO COUNTRY, and OH, BROTHER has been on my list to see forever!

    Happy A-Z!

  6. I think I am not a fan. I did watch Fargo. Raising Arizona is on my Could Not Get Through The First Ten Minutes List. It is one of the only movies EVER that I just Could.Not.Watch. That is history, my friend, because I can watch almost anything. But not that. I keep hearing about The Big Lebowski, but if it is like Raising Arizona, I think I'll pass.

  7. Love all those movies plus Burn After Reading. I think that one is my favorite. I'm not sure why though.

  8. Great choice for C!! I am all in for the Coen's. I love all the movies you've listed but a couple earlier works (Blood Simple and Miller's Crossing are two) are some of my favorites. And I loved True Grit. Gotta stop now or I'll go on for quite a while. Bravo!!

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  9. My faves are definitely Fargo & Lebowski - classic films!

  10. You know I've never seen Fargo but I've seen the others you've listed - love them all.

    Popped by from the AtoZ Challenge.