Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for..........

M is for..........Murderball.

Murderball is a 2005 documentary about the US wheelchair rugby team. The film follows the team as it prepares to play the rival Canadians in the 2004 Paralympics Games.

The movie highlights some of the individual stories of the quadriplegic athletes, and it's hard not to be inspired by these guys. My wife and I were particularly inspired by Mark Zupan. His positive attitude and lust for life make him the movie's star.

When things are tough, I often think of Zupan and these wheelchair athletes. It helps me reset my own attitude.

Murderball is the rare movie that can change lives. I can't recommend it enough.


  1. You are right -- when you think you have problems, it's time to look at people with real difficulties to deal with or overcome. Thanks for the reminder, and the recommendation.

  2. How funny, I just read something about this movie over the weekend and that was the first I'd heard of it. I thought it sounded like one I definitely wanted to watch. And now here it is again! I've got to add it to Netflix.

  3. Those guys are really inspiring!

  4. Never seen it, but I am sure it is inspiring. Movies based on real-life people who overcome Major Obstacles are always uber-inspiring. Will have to check this one out.

  5. I have never seen it but I may need to check this out. Sounds interesting.

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now