Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for..........Hodag

Since this is my fourth A-Z, I have reserved the right to repost some of my favorite posts from previous challenges. Some may say this is cheating, I call it sensible. So full disclosure, this post first appeared in the 2012 Challenge.

If you ever have reason to be near Rhinelander, Wisconsin, keep an eye out for a hodag. Some would say the hodag is a mythical creature, kin to Sasquatch and the chupacabra.

The Rileys are believers though, and every time we drive through the area where the hodag is said to roam, our eyes scour the woods, hoping to spot the elusive beast.

The town of Rhinelander has embraced the hodag, so much so that the hodag is the high school mascot. The first time I heard of the hodag was when my high school played Rhinelander in the state basketball tournament. Only years later, when we drove through Rhinelander for the first time, did I appreciate the awesomeness that is the hodag.

A local author even has a cute series of children's books chronicling the adventures of Happy the Hodag. I'm sure you could google Happy the Hodag and get your hands on some if you'd like.

I think the hodag would make for a great monster in a campy horror flick, plucking off Wisconsin teens as they take to the woods to drink and whatnot. I'm kind of surprised they never did a hodag episode on the X-files. I mean, they had that chupacabra episode, and the hodag is way cooler than the chupacabra. Seriously, if they can do a reality show called Finding Bigfoot (which the Rileys fully support), where's the love for the hodag?

There are a number of hodag statues in Rhinelander, and we usually stop to get some pictures. Of course, on our way out of town, we always keep our eyes peeled.


  1. Awww, Happy the Hodag - he's cute! :) In a totally scary way, of course!

    Sort of reminds me of the Fear Demon in Buffy though. :P Because of the 'cute' factor, that is.

  2. Isn't Hodag the name of the big guy on Game of Thrones? I'm trying to remember ... but it's only 7 a.m. here and I haven't drank nearly enough coffee.

  3. Just googled it. Hodor! Still, he's as cute as those green hodags you got going on up there.

  4. Oh I remember this one! Love Happy.

  5. Glad you recycled this post or I would have never known about the hodag. And that would have been a shame.

  6. I'm continuously (or is it continually :) ) amazed at what I learn via blogging! Who knew? Thanks for my introduction to the Hodag and to Rhinelander, too.

  7. Much cooler than the loup-garou -- the Cajun werewolf!

  8. fun mascot and good post. The odds of me driving through WI are low, but you never know.