Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for..........Breaking Bad

Meg and I finally got around to watching Breaking Bad in 2013. Thanks to Netflix, we started in late August and had ourselves ready to watch the finale in real time with the rest of the show's devoted following.

Watching 62 episodes of a TV show in little over a month is no small feat, especially for parents with 2 daughters vying for their own viewing time. Breaking Bad is most certainly not a family show, so we had to banish the girls from the family room more than was customary. There was plenty of complaining, and our youngest even went so far as to dramatically declare, "Breaking Bad is ruining our family."

Not even that pronouncement could snap us out of our obsession.

Don't judge.

Not only is Breaking Bad as addictive as Walt's baby blue, it is the best TV show of all time.


  1. I completely agree. Best show in the history of television. And that's saying something because I'm such a rabid fan of The Sopranos.

  2. I haven't seen this show, but EVERYONE loves it. I am sure that I will watch it one day. Probably gobble it up so fast that my head will spin.

    Best part of this: "Breaking Bad is ruining our family." hahahahaha.

  3. It has to be good for you to banish the kids that much. And kids still say the darnedest things!