Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for..........Gadgets

I'm not obsessed with gadgets or anything, but with two digital native daughters, there are certainly plenty of gadgets in the Riley house. Walk into any room and you'll probably spot some kind of gadget pretty quickly.

I swore I'd never be one of those guys who's always chasing the next hip gadget, and for the most part, I've been able to keep that promise. 

I will admit to having very strong feelings about my flat screen TV, and it would be hard to imagine life without my iphone at this point. 

But like I said, I'm not obsessed or anything.

How 'bout you? What's your favorite gadget?


  1. My husband is the gadget man. I will say I resisted a cell phone for a long long time. Now that I have one I love to text. Happy A to Z

  2. I've resisted the siren song of the IPhone. I do like my IPod, though it is not the newest generation and I am okay with that. I pretty much just use it for music and picture taking. Now, I agree with you about the flat screen televisions. Better picture and so lightweight. I would never go back to the heavy old style TV again. No no no.

  3. Just give me a basic laptop the can get online, and a phone that makes phone calls and acts as my alarm clock. Anything after that is really more than i need.

  4. At the moment it's my ereader. I just figured out how to put Kindle on my Nook. I'm kind of proud of that.

  5. Oh, Tim. I almost took a picture the other day of my gadget obsession, it was so ridiculous. I had my laptop out on the counter along with my iPhone, my iPad, and my Kindle. What has happened to us??? And, yes, I know all that gadgetry makes me sound like I suffer from a bad case of affluenza, but it just sneaks up on you. All of a sudden you have all these gadgets around you.

  6. Love gadgets, husband and I have learnt we can't share them, we have to have his and hers if we want the same one.

    Currently it's still my Sony Xperia Z, bought on release day and I wouldn't be without it! Overjoyed once the kindle app was put on it too!

    Curling Stones for Lego People

  7. My flat screen TV is the only skinny woman I've ever truly been attracted to.