Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for..........Dennis

Every year during the Oscars, Hollywood pays tribute to people in the business who died over the past year. And every year they seem to muck it up.

This year there were a number of omissions, but the one that riled me up was Dennis Farina.

I love Dennis Farina. 

I mean, how could you not love a guy who did Old Style commercials? Farina was a cop in Chicago for 18 years before becoming an actor at the advanced age of 37. He started in television, making a name for himself on Crime Story and Law and Order. He eventually became a fixture in movies. With his experience, it's no wonder his forte was cops and bad guys.

Farina was in some great movies: ManhunterSaving Private Ryan, Get Shorty, and Out of Sight, to name a few. But it was Midnight Run when I first fell in love with Farina. Jimmy Serrano is one of my all-time favorite movie characters. So I leave you a montage of Dennis Farina as perhaps his greatest character, mobster Jimmy Serrano. 

Dennis could deliver an F bomb like nobody's business, so if cursing isn't your thing, you probably want to skip the video. 


  1. Hollywood is a fishbowl. A strange fishbowl. I suspect that it is very much like junior high or high school. All the actors are at the school, but there are still cliques. And if you aren't in the Popular Club you get left out of stuff like the yearbook. All this says to me is that this guy stepped to the beat of his own drum and the Popular Kids didn't like it... and they thought they got the last laugh. Well, you proved them wrong!

  2. I had no idea he worked as a cop for so many years. Interesting! Great actor.

  3. He did have the ultimate tough guy look. :)

  4. I'm hoping they just forgot him... it's too tacky if they left him out on purpose. I loved him in Crime Story. I looked forward to that show every week.

  5. My understanding is that if the family doesn't pay enough, their loved one isn't included in the tribute. That's why Andy Griffith didn't make it, the family wouldn't pay.