Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for..........eegee's

eegee's is a chain of restaurants here in Tucson. They serve a good sub, and their french fries are brilliant. We're talking an institution.

While eegee's is the name of the restaurant, it is also the de facto word used for its most famous product, sickly sweet flavored ices. As in, "let's get an eegee."

Just about every kind of social event, especially if kids are involved, will include eegee's. You can get buckets of the stuff. And they're cheap. Perfect for thirsty desert dwellers.

The eegee's are a little too sweet for me, but the girls love 'em. We make a lot of stops after practices and whatnot.

When friends visit from out of town, alcohol has been known to find its way into the adults' eegee's, and that always seems to please. It's a very diverse product, don't ya know.

However you enjoy your eegee's, one thing's for sure, eeggee's is an iconic Tucson treat.


  1. Never heard of eegee's, but then I have never been to Texas. Now that I know about this little bit of heaven, if I am every down that way... I will be sure to give it a try.

  2. Awww man, why aren't these things in Cold Lake? Why, Tim, why? *pouts*

  3. If i ever find myself in Tuscon, i'll stop by and tell them you recommended it!

  4. I want one of these just because I love the word. What a great name.

  5. I sure miss Eegees. I lived most of my younger years in Tucson.