Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for.....

P is for.....Pixar.

Pixar movies are those rare gems that connect with people of all ages. I've watched all the Pixar movies with my daughters, and I'm not sure who loves them more, me or the girls. There is definitely a nostalgia factor in play with the Pixar movies for me, each movie evoking memories from specific times in my kids' lives.

But it's more than the nostalgia. The animation is stunning, and even more importantly, the stories are creative and well-crafted. Pixar has made 11 movies since 1995, and I love every single one of them. I also love making lists of movies, so here's how I would rank the Pixar movies.

1) Up
2) Finding Nemo
3) Monsters Inc.
4) Toy Story 3
5) A Bug's Life
6) Cars
7) Toy Story 2
8) Toy Story
9) The Incredibles
10) WALL E
11) Ratatouille

Let me know in the comments which Pixar movie is your favorite. I'll leave you with a video highlighting 25 years of Pixar brilliance. If you're anything like me, you may very well find yourself getting a little verklempt.


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  2. Thought you miight like this Fight Club-Toy Story mash up trailer:


  3. Monsters Inc is one of my faves of all time.

  4. Your list is very good. But Incredibles will always be my fave, then Monsters - and I love WALL E's foretelling of the future!
    Happy P day =)

  5. Toy Story is probably my favorite. I think I've seen it six or seven times. We often quote lines from the movie around the house -- still.

    And I haven't seen Up yet. Everyone tells me it's great. I must get it on my Netflix list. Good P choice.

  6. Toy Story 3, no Toy Story 2, no Toy Story or is it Monsters Inc or A Bug's Life, or no Toy Story 3....oh, I don't know. ALL Pixar films are fabulous !!

  7. The Incredibles... director/writer Brad Bird also did an early animated favorite of mine, The Iron Giant (and he went to high school here in our little burg).

  8. I'd rate Toy Story, then Toy Story 3, then Monsters, Inc, then Toy Story 2. I haven't seen Cars, Ratatouille, or the Incredibles, but I didn't care for the stories/characters of the others. Have you seen the collection of short Pixar films? They're very funny and cute.

    - allison writes

  9. I have to admit that Toy Story has a special place in my little heart. My son never did like movies and very few tv shows. He loved Toy Story!

  10. Oh, but don't ask him now. At 22 he'll probably deny it!

  11. I love them all!! Pixar is great.

  12. Hmm, I'm thinking Grease. Everybody likes that film :)

  13. I haven't seen all of them, but I have a soft spot for Toy Story. Love Finding Nemo as well. :)

  14. Do I have to choose? There are so many great movies among them!I even love the pixar lamp and it's history. If I do have to choose, I pick Toy Story. Or wall-e lol

    There is one movie though, that made me cry in the theater and that is Up

  15. I'll choose.....no, I can't....they're all good....but, if you'll only let me watch one movie tonight....ok...Ratatouille.
    Great video. They sure know how to tell a great story, and the music, oh, the music is so lovely.

  16. I love all of these movies. I love the Toy Story movies and Up and Finding Nemo and WALL-E and Monsters Inc.
    One of the kids a babysit for reminds me of the kid in Up and my niece reminds me of the girl in Monsters Inc.