Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for.....

M is for.....Movies

I was going to write an essay about the importance of movies in my life, highlight some of my all-time favs, that kind of thing. Then I had an idea: movies A-Z for the A-Z Challenge. I believe that's called synchronicity, and if it's not, well, anyway, here are some of my favorite movies A-Z. Good or bad, I loved them all.

=  Away We Go
=  Breaking Away
=  Chariots of Fire
=  Duma
=  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
=   Finding Nemo
G =  Goodfellas
=  Hannah and her Sisters
=   Inception
=    Jerry Maguire
=  Kung Fu Panda
=   Little Miss Sunshine
= Midnight Run
=  No Country for Old Men
=  Once
=   Pulp Fiction
=  Quick Change
=  Raising Arizona
=   Signs
=  Tootsie
= Up
= Victory
WWonder Boys
= Xanadu
= Young Guns
=  Zoolander

I have a couple questions for you guys:

1) What's your favorite movie on this list?
2) If you could change one letter of my movie A-Z, what would it be?


  1. Finding Nemo is my favorite. As for changing a letter of the alphabet? I don't think I could change any of them. I love the language too much as it is!

  2. Of this list, my favorite(s) would be No Country For Old Men and Raising Arizona.

    If I could change one letter it might be M (pure coincidence that today is M in the A to Z). My favorite movie has to be My Left Foot. Daniel Day Lewis Is just brilliant in that movie.

  3. Pulp Fiction.
    I can't change your favorite movies, but I can show my concerned face when you list Xanadu as one of your favorites.

  4. On that list my fav is Pulp Fiction.

    And personally I would change the whole list to my favs, but this is your list not mine so I will leave it alone.

  5. I've actually only seen 6 movies on your list. I don't think I've seen a movie that starts with every letter from the alphabet... I'm more a TV show person.

    BUT. Zoolander. I'm a sucker for 90 minute comedies, before Judd Apatow ruined the genre. (If you argue that there was anything worth ruining at all.)

    - allison writes

  6. I haven't seen them all. Pulp Fiction is my favorite and I would replace Jerry Maguire with something, but I can't think of anything right now.-Inger

  7. (read yesterday's comments for a surprise if you haven't)
    From your list I like the surprising "E", the classic "M", quirky "R", really? "T", and the awesomest "X"!
    Happy M Day =)

  8. Squilla's AuntApril 15, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    Xanadu over, say, X-Men? Tim, you have layers upon layers! Wondering why Hoosiers didn't win out over Hannah and Her Sisters. And The Big Lebowski didn't make it on your list? I thought that one would be there for sure.

    My favorite of the ones on your list is probably Inception. I would replace Pulp Fiction with Princess Bride or No Country for Old Men with Notting Hill.

  9. Great list of movies. I really like Up, Kung Fu Panda and Pulp Fiction

  10. Great idea, and great choices as well. I laughed at Xanadu. :D
    My favorite on the list is probably Jerry Maguire, although it's really hard to pick.

  11. Jeffrey: Gotta love Finding Nemo.

    LG: I do love the Coens. I agree, My Left Foot is a great movie.

    Munk: Yeah, Xanadu. Hangs head in shame. It's so bad it's good?

    OT: Definitely one of the all-time greats.

    allison: I can't believe they haven't made a Zoolander sequel.

    CG: Pulp Fiction appears to be the favorite so far.

    Tara: Great adjectives to describe my choices.

    Squilla: The Big Lebowski is indeed one of my favorite movies, but I tried to stay away from movies that started with "The".

    Carrie: Reading your comment, it struck me how many great animated movies there are these days.

    Julie: So many classic lines in JM.

  12. I'd say Pulp Fiction, because it was just so groundbreaking when it came out. The change in order of the scenes was tremendous, as was the lackadaisacal attitude toward the violence. I loved Little Miss Sunshine becuase everyone was so kooky but not annoyingly so. And Raising Arizona always makes me laugh, because my husband cracks up from anything Nicolas Cage does, and that makes me laugh.

  13. soe good movies here - I am a big fan of Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction...

  14. From your list, my top 3: Once, Up and Wonder Boys. My replacement for "H": my favorite movie of all time, Harold and Maude.

    Chris would officially like to replace your "R" with...wait for it...Rocky. Duh!

    Fun list!

  15. Awesome list! I have gotta go with Goodfellas. Pesci was brilliant in it.

    I might even steal this idea for a post of my own, if you don't mind.

  16. Not at all, I'd love to see it.

  17. do I have to pick just one? pulp fiction