Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for.....

E is for.....Eagle Harbor

Every summer we leave the heat of the desert and head north to visit family and friends in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We used to leave town the day school let out, usually around May 20, and return a day or two before school started up again, usually the middle of August. With Meg doing summer school the last couple years, our departure has been pushed back, but we still have a ton of time to travel.

Meg's family has a place in Eagle Harbor, Michigan, and our time there is always the highlight of the trip. The family cabin is right on the water; we fall asleep to the waves lapping at the stone shore. It's a real On Golden Pond kind of setup. The wall the girls are sitting on in the picture is right out the front door. This pensive, over the shoulder pose is a bit of a tradition, the girls looking at the lighthouse.

We typically spend the 4th of July in Eagle Harbor. The 4th festivities kick off with a parade. The kids wear costumes, and at the end of the parade, they present themselves before judges, who will create an award for each kid, thus earning them a nifty $5. Last year’s costume theme was Star Wars. Check 'em out: Queen Amidala and Obi Wan Kenobi.

After the parade, everyone meanders over to the ball yard (you could say “park" but the more old-timey the better around here) for an afternoon of games. Most of the games on the 4th involve throwing things. The kids throw frisbees, and the adults toss eggs and rolling pins. The 4th in Eagle Harbor is classic small town Americana.

Time has a way of slowing down in Eagle Harbor. The days are long, filled with reading, trips to the beach, boat rides, long walks, good meals and good conversation. It's the place where I recharge the battery. Even though we only spend 2-3 weeks in Eagle Harbor every summer, the memories we create last a lifetime. It's a long way from our home in the Sonoran Desert to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but Eagle Harbor is always close to our hearts.   


  1. Can I have your life?
    At least the summer part where you stay at a cabin on a lake for a month?

  2. Yeah, I'm with Munk on that one.

    My parents were both teachers so we had summers off as a family. We took a few long trips to Canada and also did a lot backpacking in the mountains of Colorado for a week at a time. It was great.

  3. how nice! thanks for sharing your moments. we have relatives with a place on Torch Lake (MI). Beautiful up there =)
    Happy E Day!

  4. Haven't been to Eagle Harbor, but have been to Egg Harbor in Door County (another "E" place you should try! Sounds so peaceful, glad you get to slow down and enjoy the simple things!

  5. I would love a vacation like that every year.

  6. Squilla's AuntApril 6, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    Longing for summer....

  7. Munk: That's the thing about teachers, we don't have any money, but we do have time.

    LG: Always nice to see other two-teacher families.

    Tara: Not familiar with Torch Lake, but Michigan is full of beautiful spots.

    Lynn: I used to live in Green Bay, so I've been to Egg Harbor many times-great place!

    OT: It's definitely the best part of the year.

    Squilla: Need a break from the snow?

  8. Fellow A to Z'er stopping by. I've never been to Eagle Harbor - I live in lower Michigan - and now I want to take my kids there. Thanks for introducing me to a place in my very own state.:)

  9. Hey Kris, thanks for the follow. If you drive from lower Michigan, you get the added bonus of driving over the Mackinac Bridge.

  10. Sounds like a fabulous place. Great pictures, too!