Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for.....

G is for.....Green and Gold

Green and Gold, a color combination synonymous with the Green Bay Packers. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I am a diehard Packers fan. I grew up in Wisconsin, so my allegiance was never a question. My family moved to Green Bay when I was 16, and we lived down the street from Lambeau Field. I left Green Bay, and Wisconsin, in 1992. Almost twenty years ago now, but I still bleed Green and Gold.

My childhood fell in the post-Lombardi, pre-Favre era: 1969-1991. This was not a great time to be a fan of the Green and Gold. The Packers managed just 5 meager winning seasons during this period, and let me tell ya, the losing seasons involved A LOT of losing. While the Packers of my youth didn't give me much to cheer about, I always kept the faith.

The Packers returned to prominence in the 90s with the arrival of Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren, Brett Favre, and Reggie White. In 1996 the Packers won their third Super Bowl, briefly returning the Lombardi Trophy to its rightful home. Wolf, Holmgren, White, and Favre are all gone now, but the Packers haven't missed a beat. Under the leadership of General Manager Ted Thompson and Coach Mike McCarthy the Packers are champions again. With players like Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, the future looks bright indeed. Allow me to get my shades.

I found a little song that fits today's post. It's by Pat McCurdy, a comedian/singer/songwriter who was a staple of my time in college. Pat played in Madison about once a month and his shows were always packed.

How 'bout you guys? What colors do you bleed?


  1. Green and gold... and black and white and silver and grey... Go Ducks! (fashionista U)

  2. Good post even though I am still pissed that they beat my Steelers in the superbowl.

  3. Didn't see this post coming!

    Packers fans are crazy dedicated.

    I know they suck, but I still like the Broncos. They shook the coaching staff up again this year, so we'll see. Maybe Tim Tebow will earn his millions and get us a few wins. Against the Packers!! That's right, I said it.

  4. Go Pack! I live in Cincinnati so I am a Bengals fan, but since that is a cruel fate for any football fanatic, the Pack has been my surrogate team for years. My brother-in-law is originally from Milwaukee and a life-long Packer fan, so my family has gathered together and cheered for the Pack for a long time.

    Had an awesome time watching that march through the playoffs and to the Super Bowl this year!

  5. Squilla's AuntApril 8, 2011 at 12:16 PM

    So...."Government Shutdown" (my wrong guess for the G topic today) versus "Green and Gold". I actually feel similarly about these two. They are both immensely irritating. I long for sanity, smart decisions and uncomplicated "wins"....and am continually frustrated. As a Vikings fan and as a taxpayer, I feel helpless to stop the carnage.

    But I still hold out hope that the Purple will rise again and stomp the Pack (hmmm...anticipating the "P" topic?).

  6. Tara: Once a cheesehead, always a cheesehead.

    Munk: The brilliance of the Oregon uniforms defies logic.

    OT: Sorry 'bout that.

    LG: Oh man, a Broncos fan. I'm having flashbacks to '97.

    Julie: The more Packers fans the merrier!

    Squilla: I know, I know, it's painful being a Vikings fan. Hang in there, one day the Vikes will make you proud (probably not, I'm just trying to be nice).

  7. yay - green and gold. Well I guess they came good in the end

  8. GO Mile High stadium - invesco can shove their "Invesco Stadium at Mile High!" I left Denver 21 years ago, but still they hold a place (albeit a long time losing one) in my heart

  9. Now that I've finally figured out how to post, you're stuck with me :)

    Thought you might pull out a surprise and go with Geocaching for "G," but since it may have upset the order of the universe had you not posted about your beloved Packers, I'm OK with it.

    Go, Squilla! Vikings fans represent!!!

  10. Keep keeping the faith man.

  11. Just downloaded that baby to my iphone. If they ever play games again, this will be the first thing i do on Sundays.

  12. Go Pack! Great post - it's getting me excited for the upcoming season...oh, wait. No season next year. Now I'm bummed. Let's cross our fingers that something gets figured out ASAP.
    Im an AZ Cardinals fan myself, so that tell you just how little I know about football. The only good thing about a possibly shortened season this year is the possibility that the cards might lose less than 9 games.

  13. Squilla's AuntApril 9, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    JANE! Whew. I thought I was alone on here. You know, don't you, that this horrible topic is going to come up again when we get to L (Lambeau), P (Packers), R (Aaron Rodgers) and W (Wisconsin) at the very least? Guy is obsessed.

  14. I'm a Packer fan by birth, my mom, an Illinoisan, a fan by marriage. Dad is from WI, but lived his adult life in IL until retirement. Growing up among Bears fans, life was interesting for me to say the say the least. My/our loyalty to the Green and Gold will never waiver though. GO Pack, GO!

    Thanks for the post!