Monday, January 24, 2011

My Dad Was Smiling Down

My dad loved the Green Bay Packers. He had to be smiling down yesterday. The Packers beat their archrival, the Chicago Bears, to reach the Super Bowl. It doesn't get much better than that. My brother and I got to watch the game together, and my dad's spirit was definitely there with us. The way the game unfolded would have been particularly satisfying for my dad.

My dad was a year round fan. One of the biggest weekends of the year for my dad was draft weekend. The last few years we watched the draft together, hours of talking about football and life. Those draft days are really great memories. Two years ago my dad predicted the Packers would draft a nose tackle from Boston College named BJ Raji. I'd never heard of the kid, but sure enough, the Packers drafted this guy. My dad was adamant Raji was going to be a great player for the Packers. My brother and I bought him a Raji jersey for Christmas. I was wearing the jersey yesterday in my dad's honor. I know it's corny to think my dad's spirit had anything to do with what happened yesterday, but I'm going to think it anyway.

I'm not a guy who cries about sports, but big ol' BJ Raji brought tears to my eyes yesterday.


  1. I loved watching that! Three times!It's always fun to see the big guys score.
    I'm so glad you have moments like this to spend time with your dad. :)

  2. Part of the beauty of football, aside from the sport itself, is the memories of places and people that it evokes.

    Nice piece.


  3. nice one Tim - that's awesome and very touching. Glad Green Bay won.

  4. It was a great game to watch. I grew up a Redskins fan so I have had some lean years. The Packers are one of the teams you can really get behind. I'm glad they are in the Super Bowl. Even though I live in PA I'll be pulling for them. It's a great thing to have those memories and get the emotions that come along with the moments you shared with your father. I hope I can have the same one day with my child.

  5. It's amazing to remember things that people were particularly good at, and it seems your dad was good at being a Packer's fan. Thanks for sharing.