Monday, January 17, 2011

Great Weekend

This was quite the weekend.

The Packers absolutely destroyed the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday night. When Tramon Williams returned that interception to end the first half, I nearly lost my mind. I like to think my dad was looking down, laughing at my crazy ass. We're having my dad's memorial service on Saturday, so my brother and I will get to watch the NFC Championship together. Dad will be with us in spirit, and how great would it be if the Packers beat the Bears to go to the Super Bowl?

Yesterday we went up to Phoenix for a feis (that's an Irish dancing competition for the uninitiated). The whole Irish dancing thing is a bit cultish, but I do love watching my girls. They are so poised and graceful. Every time they dance I nearly burst with pride. A really cool thing happened this time around. Scout fell during one of her dances. She popped right back up, and without missing a beat, kept right on going. She had to stay on stage for two more dances, and I was worried she might be too rattled to do her best. She kept her composure and danced them both beautifully. I was incredibly impressed, but hey, I'm the Dad. Apparently the judge saw what I saw. Despite the fall, Scout won that first dance, and she took first and second in the other two. Amazing. Like any good parents, Meg and I preach to the girls that no matter what, you never give up. Words pale to actual experience, so I owe you one Irish dancing.

A couple cool things happened with the blog this weekend. On Friday I hit 50 followers. I know this isn't a lot by most standards, but I can't lie, it made me feel pretty good. I started the blog about a year ago to help with my goal of writing every day. I'm working on a book, but I figured it would be good to take a break a couple times a week to do a different kind of writing. I've been good about posting a couple times a week, but I haven't been as good about working on the book. I blame that on all the great blogs I follow and checking to see if there are any new comments. No one tells you blogging is addictive. When I checked in last night, there was a new comment from PM Taylor. She writes one of my favorite blogs, stop by and check her out. She's given me an award. I was tagged once, but I think tags are different than awards, so this will count as my first award. Thanks PM, I'm honored. This post is getting a little long for me, so I'll officially unveil the award in my next post.


  1. How do you think the Packers will fare against the Bears?

  2. Cool Tim. Didn't know there was a big Irish thing going on in Phoenix. I like PM's blogs. they are always thought provoking and 50 followers is a bit of a milestone. For well over a year my blog struggled to get to 20 followers but it has taken off more since...

  3. Squilla's AuntJanuary 17, 2011 at 4:52 PM

    Proud to be one of the first 50!

  4. Congratulations on your award and the 50 followers mark.

    Good luck on Sunday, even if I will be cheering against you.

  5. Laoch: I'm assuming your a Bears fan? I think it'll be a tight game. Home field is huge, but Cutler has thrown a lot of picks against GB. He can't afford picks in this game-could be the difference.

    David: It's not a huge Irish scene in AZ, but like most things Irish, it is intense.

    Suilla: Thanks for all the support.

    Nari: Another Bears fan? Man. Should be a classic.

  6. Now I feel I should explain my previous post :)
    If you don't mind I will be your 51 follower.

  7. I know the Packers going to the Super Bowl this year would be super special for you. I'll be rooting for them.