Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Five Friday: TV Edition

A new TV season is upon us. It's good to have my favorite shows back, and I've tried out a few new shows as well. Here are five thoughts on the current state of my television viewing.

5) Really glad Kristen Wiig is back for another season of SNL: I did watch Bridesmaids last weekend-brilliant. I'm sure it'll make my top 10 of the year. With all of Wiig's success, I wasn't sure if she'd be back.

4) Person of Interest: This is one of the new shows I'm trying out. It's got Michael Emerson from Lost (man, I miss that show), and it was created by J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan (Christopher's brother). The show has an interesting premise, but the first two episodes have been underwhelming. Not sure if I'm going to stick with this one.  

3) Prime Suspect: I like having a good cop show in the mix. I love Southland, but I'm not sure if that's coming back. If the first episode is any indication, this show may become a regular for me. Maria Bello is the real deal, and it looks like she's found a role she can sink her teeth into.

2) Parks and Rec: This show has grown on me the past couple years. The ensemble cast is great, and I have a feeling it may give The Office a run for its money as my favorite show on TV.

1) The Office: I am seriously going to miss Steve Carell, but Ed Helms is one funny guy. I'm hoping his expanded role will keep the show running smoothly. I like the addition of James Spader. It feels like he's doing a middle age version of Stef from Pretty in Pink, which is a damn good idea in my book.

What shows are you watching? Are your favorites holding up? Any new shows to recommend?


  1. Love James Spader! Boy, I miss Boston Legal. The Office will have a good chance of surviving with him on board. Have not seen #2-5 (how sad am I)--I really need to get with the program here.
    Well, OK, I saw Man vs. Food the other night (how that happened I don't know). ;)

  2. Uh, hmmm, I used to watch The Office. I guess I haven't seen it in awhile. Had no idea James Spader had joined the cast. I don't watch much television, but Person of Interest kind of caught my eye. I'll have to check it out.

  3. We saw an early release of Homeland - premiering tomorrow after Dexter - and it kept me interested. We recorded Person of Interest but haven't watched it yet. Disappointed by season opener of Desperate Housewives, but enjoyed first episode of Happy Endings new season. We'll see. We set a lot of stuff to record and just haven't had time (yet) to check it all out...

  4. I don't have much time for television, but I'm looking forward to Season Two of The Walking Dead.

  5. Jayne: We watch our fair share of Man vs. Food around here. The kids love it, so it's something we can watch as a family.

    LG: Person of Interest definitely has some things going for it. I'm on the fence after the first two episodes.

    Katie: That's what we do, record a bunch of stuff and then watch it when we need to relax.

    Mike: I'm not much of a zombie guy, but that does look good. I can't see Meg watching it though.

  6. Not a lot of television at the Davis house. We do watch the Discovery channel and get disks for Breaking Bad, Dexter, and a few others. On the film side we watched ~1/2 of "Micmacs" last night... crazy good so far.

  7. Currently watching "Suits" on HULU. Hope it sticks around for a while. Just got totally hooked on Downton Abbey on PBS. What a great show. I so could have lived in that era.

  8. I watch Terra Nova and House on Monday, Modern Family and Harry's Law on Wednesday, Big Bang Theory on Thursday, Supernatural and Fringe on Friday, and Breaking Bad/Walking Dead on Sunday.

  9. Yes, a british show called Downton Abbey which was surprisingly awesome. Kind of Pride and Prejudicy, so I didn't expect it to be so good.

    Check it out and let me know what you thought.