Friday, September 16, 2011

Fast Five Friday: Comedies

I had two inspirations for this week's Fast Five. Earlier this week, James over at Luke, I Am Your Father dreamt about funny movies and posted his top ten. Then yesterday, /Film had a link to Time Out London's Top 100 comedies of all time. With my penchant for lists, it's no wonder I can't stop thinking about my own favorite comedies. This is one of the more fluid lists I've done for FFF, but these are my top five comedies on this particular Friday afternoon.

5) Raising Arizona: This was my first Coen brothers' movie, and I've been a huge fan ever since.

4) Fletch: I've been quoting Fletch for most of my life, and the lines never get old.

3) Midnight Run: This one may be a little under the radar, but the combination of DeNiro and Charles Grodin was brilliant. The best part of the movie though was Dennis Farina.

2) Old School: This is the most recent comedy on the list. I have a feeling it will be a lot like Fletch, people quoting the lines for years to come.

1) The Big Lebowski: My favorite comedy of all time, probably my favorite movie of all time.

Let me know what you think of my choices, and please, leave some of your all-time favorite comedies. We all can use a good laugh, and this post might be a great resource.


  1. Great list! And great top fiver.
    For my list I'll go black and white.
    "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" Preston Sturges directs a racy-for-its-day screwball comedy.
    "The General" Buster Keaton stars in a racy-for-its-day screwball comedy. (There is a laugh-out-loud cannon scene your girls will love).
    "It Happened One Night" Frank Capra directs a racy-for-its-day screwball comedy (and won a best picture Oscar to boot).
    "Roman Holiday" Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck star in a not-so-racy romantic comedy. The best date night movie ever made.

    All are worth the rental fee.

  2. We have The Big Lebowski and I have never seen it. I guess I need to put the DVD in tonight. Husband would agree with you.

  3. Munk: That's the spirit Munk-awesome suggestions. Particularly interested in the Capra and "Roman Holiday."

    Nubian: Oh man. In a way, I'm jealous. I remember the thrill of watching "TBL" the first time.

  4. Excellent list. Old School KILLs me especially the dart in the neck scene.

  5. In no order, and off the top of my head (I LOVE comedies so I could write a massive list):
    Old School
    Wayne's World II

  6. Blazing Saddles.
    The Party.

    Rat Race (2001) is probably my favorite.
    You're welcome.;)

  7. I think your list is very male-centric. I haven't run across very many women who put The Big Lebowshik as #1. I like two of Munk's choices - It Happened One Night and Roman Holiday. The funniest movie I've seen recently is Crazy, Stupid, Love.

  8. dbs: one of the funniest scenes in any movie

    allison: great list-Zoolander and Anchorman were in the running

    Antares: interesting choices-thanks for the contribution

    GW: Hmm, male-centric, interesting observation. I don't know if my wife would put The Big Lebowski #1, but it would be up there-she loves it-we watch it a couple times a year for kicks. She also loves to quote Fletch and Old School, so I guess we were meant for each other. I'm looking forward to watching Crazy, Stupid, Love-starring Julianne Moore-who was also very funny in The Big Lebowski.

  9. Well, I've always been a huge Monty Python fan, so... The Holy Grail being, well, the holy grail.

    Love, also, This is Spinal Tap. And your number 1 pick, too!

    Wanted you to know I made mention of you in my 9/14 post. Thanks, again, for the Liebster. ;)

  10. Tim, I don't know how you managed to get the list down to five. I'm not sure I'd put The Big Lebowski at the top, but it's damn close.

    My list would have to include the original Pink Panther with Peter Sellers (the scene with the nitrous? Oh my God ...), Wedding Crashers, Wayne's World (the first one - so incredibly quotable), The Big Lebowski and Lost in America (kind of obscure, Albert Brooks) with Broadcast News (the flop sweat scene is a classic) a close sixth ...

    Always love your lists!!!


  11. Jeeeez ,,, I forgot Swingers ... but i'm not sure which to bump from the Top Five to fit it in ...

    Arrrgggghhhh ... See what you've started???


  12. Jayne: Christopher Guest is the king of the mockumentary. Thanks for the kind words in your post.

    PM: Lost in America and Broadcast News-great choices. Albert Brooks is great. He's hilarious on Twitter by the way. Swingers is very money, of course.

  13. What's Up, Doc?
    All of Me
    The Philadelphia Story
    Raising Arizona

    Showin' my age, perhaps? Or my gender?

  14. Raising Arizona is a good one. But I laugh my butt off at O Brother, Where Art Thou. Clooney's expressions just crack me up. Same with The Men Who Stare At Goats. I think I'm the only person in American who liked that movie, but I couldn't stop laughing. Another recent one that I thought was hilarious was Pirate Radio. Loved it.

  15. Love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Broadcast News, Spinal Tap, and Roman Holiday - I second these from others' comments.

    I'd add High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank. Yes, I'm a John Cusack fanatic. :)

    Fun post!

  16. The Big Lebowski was a great show. I agree.

  17. From this list, The Big Lebowski is the film I watch regularly. I also quote it constantly.

  18. I'm always late to the blog posts, but I'd definitely have to say A Fish Called Wanda.

  19. That's for the link Tim. Great list, and some great ones that I'd forgot about. I really didn't like The Big Lebowski when I first watched it, all those years ago. Maybe it deserves another chance.