Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow in the Desert

We woke up to snow this morning. Scout literally screamed when she saw it. There wasn't much, and it's already gone, but it's kind of cool to see snow in the desert. It's not uncommon to get snow in the mountains, but we rarely get any down here. This is only the second time we've had snow on the ground since we moved here in 1999. Here are some shots from the first snowfall in January '07:

View from the front of our house

View of the neighbor's yard

We don't really have the clothes for snow

Wow, I haven't looked at these pictures in a while. The kids look so much younger. They actually cancelled school that day. It was a little embarrassing, being from Wisconsin and all, but I swallowed my pride and enjoyed the day off. The girls had a blast. They filled a ziploc with some of the snow, and we actually still have it in the back freezer.

The girls made sure to get a bag of today's snow to keep the '07 snow company. There wasn't as much snow this time around, and it's not as sunny, but still fun to see a little of the white stuff. The smiles were a little brighter than usual this morning:


  1. I bought Cubs tickets this week so I have officially decreed that the snow must end.

  2. I can imagine how special it is when it snows once every few years! Your girls look so happy in both pictures.

  3. Now that's funny- bags of snow in the freezer! I don't think anyone here is interested in that sort of souvenir. Although, I loved seeing a dusting of it here in RI this morning.
    Great photos. ;)

  4. The girls facial expressions are great!

  5. Living in Las Vegas, we don't see snow a whole lot either but when it happens, it's a big deal and we all take the day off, even if it doesn't stick. We will go outside and wait, hoping to spot at least one more snowflake.

  6. Those are pretty photos. I'm glad you're enjoying it; I could do with a little less snow today.

  7. Haha, I have an uncle who lives in Vegas, and he talked about their 1/4" and how they cancelled school for it. I would love to live somewhere like that. Feel blessed...

  8. how cool is the view from your house with snow. This makes me want to check out the desert.

  9. I didn't even know it snowed in the desert - shows how ignorant I am. Many belated thanks too for the stylish blogger award - it's really picked me up today

  10. You have a child named Scout? Named after the character in "To Kill a Mockingbird?"

  11. Laoch: Do you have high hopes for the Cubs this year?

    Yat-Yee: The girls are in love with the idea of snow. My wife and I try to tell them they'd get sick of it, but they're convinced otherwise.

    Jayne: We tell the girls people up North get tired of the snow, and they can't fathom that.

    Nubian: They're my sweethearts.

    Nari: I can see snow in Vegas being a lot of fun.

    JoLynne: I grew up in Wisconsin, so I know how you feel about this time of year.

    Paul: We do love our winters here.

    David: It's beautiful in the summer too, just a lot hotter.

    Selina: I've been reading, hang in there. Glad the award was a positive today.

    Michael: Yep. My wife and I are both English teachers, and TKAM is our favorite book. Our Scout's personality fits her namesake quite well.

  12. Those pictures are awesome. Snow is a magical thing for people that never get to see it. I imagine being from Wisconsin you could probably do without.

  13. Your girls are so cute and funny. Very interesting and special photos! Thank you for the opportunity to see such wonderful moments!