Thursday, February 10, 2011

Must See TV

I'm not a huge TV guy, but there are a few shows I make sure to watch every week. My favorite show is The Office. I'm bummed out that Steve Carell is leaving after this season, but I'm hopeful the little run-in between Michael Scott and the random British guy by the elevator means Ricky Gervais will take Carell's place. I'm not holding my breath, but that would be awesome. If the writers choose to replace Michael with one of the existing Dunder Mifflin gang, my vote would be for Andy. Carell is funny, but Ed Helms routinely induces bouts of uncontrollable laughter. Whatever happens, I would love to see the Nard Dog get more screen time.

Another comedy that has me completely hooked is Modern Family. I love the ensemble cast, and the writing is whip smart. My favorite character has to be Phil Dunphy. He's like Michael Scott with a family. With Steve Carell calling it quits, Ty Burrell may soon be the funniest guy on TV. Modern Family nicely mixes in some poignant moments here and there, which makes the humor that much better.

I'm a sucker for a good cop show, and Southland is a great one. I find it hard to believe NBC gave up on this show, but I'm glad TNT gave it another shot. The writers have more freedom on cable, and the show is really hitting its stride this year. Meg and I love Regina King. Of course, if you were in Jerry Maguire, you can do no wrong in my book. King's character is one of the strongest female characters I've ever seen, on any size screen. Her work alone makes Southland worth watching. I also love Cooper, the drug-seeking gay cop who doesn't take shit from anyone. The dialogue on this show is brilliant, and it's full of action and suspense. This is probably my second favorite show right now, with a real chance of being my favorite by season's end.

I generally avoid reality TV, but my wife has gotten me into Storage Wars. We actually watch this one with the kids. We love watching the guys buy abandoned storage units, sifting through the junk to find hidden gems. We love to hate Dave. His "Yep," has become a frequent refrain in the Riley house. Our favorite is Barry. He's funny and quirky, and we enjoy his hipster sensibility.

There are other shows I watch, some with more frequency than others, but these are the four I look forward to watching. I'm sure there are other great shows out there. I'd love to hear what other people are digging these days.


  1. I'd love to see Ricky Gervais replace him. That would make my head explode. Apparently he said today that he wants to see Will Arnett, the main guy from Arrested Development take over, that could be alright but we'll see.

  2. Madmen, Breaking Bad, Treasure Quest. All streamable on Netflix (we don't have cable tv).
    oh... and congrats on the win!

  3. oops... I take that back, Madmen and Breaking Bad might not be streamable, but they are on the Netflix DVD list. We are soon to start The Pacific.

  4. Oh man...the Riley household "Yeeeeeeeps" like Dave? That's so annoying when he does that! I find him interesting though. I don't have a lot of time to watch much tv, but I like Storage Wars and American Pickers..mostly because Mike Wolfe on Pickers is a bicycle guy like me.

  5. Modern Family and Southland are both shows that I watch. Also I recommend Supernatural on the CW if you like shows with a huge plot arc and Being Human is really good as well. Also House and Bones are both really good. Holy crap...I watch a lot of t.v.

  6. I really like Modern Family alot. I also like Trublood but I am a fan of the books so I don't know if that counts. I like How I Met Your Mother and sometimes, Cougar Town. I like to watch House as well but not in rerun.

  7. Chris: You're right, Will Arnett would be good.

    Munk: We have some friends who are about to disown us if we don't watch Breaking Bad, so that's probably next for us. We've been talking about Madmen for a while now.

    Mike: I'll have to check out American Pickers. The "yeeeeeep" just kind of snuck up on us. We were making fun of Dave, and now we do it all the time.

    MO: I've been thinking about checking out House-I like a good hospital show.

    Nari: Heard good things about Trublood-might have to check that out on DVD.

  8. I'm a TV junkie. I really need to get it under control. I love the Office. I think the show's dead with Steve. I really don't see any way around that. For my money Modern Family is already the funniest show on TV. Love it.