Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Green Bay Packers Lost a Game, and This Woman Lost Her Mind

I came across a great video today, and it must be shared.

As an owner of the Green Bay Packers, Sunday's game was indeed upsetting. Fans of the Green and Gold worldwide took the loss hard, but perhaps none as hard as the woman in this video. 

Apparently she's garnered a dose of fame from this video, and really, why not.


  1. Oh this is going on my Twitter feed. Love.

  2. Aww poor lady. I really felt sorry for the kicker yesterday that missed the field goal at the end of the Ravens game. Poor guy. I cannot begin to understand the despair he must feel and the ridicule that is striking him from all sides. I hope that he doesn't do anything he may regret (or that may be very sad) to try and come to terms with his failure.

  3. Oh poor thing. Can you imagine if she'd had been at a Beatles concert back in the 60s?--at least she'd a gone crazy for the music.

    Hey, Tim, another big Superbowl year for us! Pats vs. Giants. Holy cow. Hubby's from Jersey and has the kids brainwashed. Lulu will probably have a moment like the girl above if the Giants don't clinch this one again! ;)

  4. I totally missed this last week, so glad I found it now haha. All I can say is this woman is lucky she's not a Bengal fan like me, she'd have probably committed suicide a long time ago if she takes losses this hard.