Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just a Thought

I haven't been paying much attention to the news lately, but I did plug in last night for a little while to catch up a bit. I knew about the Occupy Wall Street protests, but I hadn't put much thought into them. If anything, I thought they were just a flash in the pan.

As I flipped between CNN and Fox (I like to keep tabs on what everyone is saying), an interesting thought occurred to me. What if the Wall Street Occupiers and the Tea Partiers worked together?

Sound crazy? Allow me to elaborate.

The common perception, and one that I would have to agree with, is that Wall Street Occupiers are liberal and the Tea Partiers are conservative. Fair enough.


Banks really do seem to be pushing their luck these days, what with Bank of America, and logically, all their banking brethren, about to charge $5 a month to use a debit card. That surely riles up every red-blooded American. Who knows what other rapacious fees banks will devise if people don't cause a ruckus.

We know the Tea Partiers can mobilize. Hit 'em in the wallet enough, and they might just find some common ground with all those good-for-nothing Wall Street Occupiers.

That would be something, wouldn't it?

Discuss (think Mike Myers doing his Linda Richmann voice)


  1. And the banks want to give me .05% interest on my savings while they make/borrow millions (had to delete some cuss words here).

    It's all an insider's game, and the only rule seems to be the pirate's code: "Take what you can and give nothing back."

  2. Suddenly everything I'm thinking about is in Linda Richamann's voice. Thanks for the smile.

  3. I've been hearing everyone mutter under their breath about bank of America but I didn't know why. Yikes! So tired of the world being nasty!

  4. I agree with Jaye Viner, I am so tired of the world being nasty. I just got a frantic call from one of my older lady friends (in her 70's) that she got a notice that her free checking is no longer free. Now she is being charged 10.00 a month for checking and $5.00 a month for savings, plus the $5.00 a month for a debit card.

  5. Great idea. Maybe it would be possible for people to join together to change things that everyone can agrre are issues, dealing with the more controversial stuff seperately. That way, rather than liberal or conservative, they could just be considered a "common sense" group.

    After all, those groups are quite rare.

  6. The TEA Partiers are clueless with regard to the economy. They shout "Get a job!" at the OWS crowd "as if" that were easy if only they wanted to work.

  7. It would be good if everyone worked together. Putting action with words too. It's not enough to be angry at banks/ wall street. There are many people who are upset about fees but not enough to change their habits.

  8. Oh, BOA! I'm slowly removing myself from their claws.
    Rapacious--love that word. Perfect here.
    OWS is becoming a force that cannot be ignored. I am glad to see them mobilize worldwide. I wonder how open the Tea Party would be to joining any other cause. They're thick into their own agenda. Hard to imagine... hmm...