Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast Five Friday: Movies in the Big Apple

I saw a fun infographic on /Film last week about movie landmarks in NYC. It reminded me of the carriage ride we took with the girls through Central Park a few years ago. Our driver, in a movie-thick Russian accent, pointed out a number of spots in the park that have featured in popular films. I can't really remember the spots or the movies, but I still chuckle remembering that guy's delivery.

New York is of course one of the great movie settings, a city so vibrant, so alluring, it is often a character in its own right. This week's Fast Five features some of my favorite movies set in the Big Apple.

5) A Bronx Tale: This movie was based on a Chazz Palminteri play and directed by Robert De Niro. It tells the story of a father trying to keep his son on the right path after he is befriended by a mafia boss. De Niro clearly learned a lot from working with Scorsese over the years, especially the art of picking great music for film. 

4) Quick Change: Bill Murray starred in and directed this movie about bank robbers at the mercy of New York City. This is one of my favorite Bill Murray movies, right up there with Rushmore

3) Annie Hall: There has to be a Woody Allen movie on any list of great New York movies. This was my first Allen film, and he painted a beautiful picture of New York City for this kid from Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

2) Do the Right Thing: This one sparked a lot of controversy when it was released. Spike Lee challenged audiences with this story of racial tensions erupting on the hottest day of the summer. Wherever you stand on the ending, this movie made you think.     

1) After Hours: In my mind, Scorsese is the ultimate New York filmmaker. This isn't one of Scorsese's most popular movies, but it may be my favorite. The main character's journey through a wild and wacky night in the city captured this Green Bay kid's imagination. 

What are some of your favorite New York movies? 


  1. Home Alone 2. I'm still a kid, or rather, I have kids who love it.
    You have given me some new ones to check out!

  2. My favorite is Gangs of New York. One of my favorite Marty films, though not his best. I just love Daniel Day Lewis in that movie.

    I like every movie on your list, but the one that stands out the most is Do The Right Thing. I think we may have even watched that together at some point. That is one my kids will be watching when they are older. Their list of required viewing when they reach the appropriate age is getting pretty long. (Maybe a good idea for one of your blogs....films the next generation MUST see or they will be grounded for a month.)

  3. For some reason the only ones that come to mind are Fame and Panic Room. What a weird combo. :P

  4. Mary: I saw the first HA, but I don't think I've ever watched the New York sequel. I'll probably check it out with my girls one of these days.

    Mike: Great idea for a post-the wheels are already turning. I can't remember if we saw Do the Right Thing together, but I feel like we saw After Hours together in GB.

    Munk: Who doesn't love Snake Plissken?

    LG: The mind works in mysterious ways. Two great choices though.

  5. How could you ignore King Kong? OMG...for shame. A huge monkey climbs to the top of the Empire State Building and swats down planes? I am left in shock that this did not IN FACT make your list.

  6. Great list. I love reading books that are set in NYC. Also I like Law and Order. When I visited my brother in NYC I was always on the look out for Law and Order filming. I remember Do the Right Thing. I'll have to check out these other films

  7. I've never seen Quick Change, I'm curious about it now though as I always love Bill Murray.

    I love Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery. It's not one of his classic films, but I just thought it was enjoyable and funny. I loved Alan Alda in it.

  8. When Harry met Sally, You've Got Mail, and Woody Allen, yes, yes! Haven't seen After Hours--going to have to add it to my list. Nice Fast Five, Tim. :)

  9. The Warriors....Come out and Play...ay...