Friday, May 6, 2011

Trying Something New

I've noticed that some people have weekly themes on their blogs: Ten Word Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, that kind of thing. One of my favorite weekly themes is Friday Night Frolic at Suburban Soliloquy. I look forward to reading it every Friday. There are other cool weekly themes out there. I caught the debut of Sippable Stories at allison writes last Sunday. It's a great idea and I hope it becomes a running segment. I've always liked the idea of a weekly theme, and I've been mulling different ideas over for a while now.

I've decided to try Fast Five Friday. The plan is to post a top five list every Friday. I enjoyed the random thing with the A-Z Challenge, so I'll go random for FFF as well. My brain works a lot like those guys in High Fidelity who make top ten lists all the time. Except I'm doing top five lists. You get the point. Hopefully people will share their top fives in the comments, and it'll be all kinds of blogging fun. Of course, this idea could be a complete bust. If so, well, it was worth a shot. Don't worry, I'm used to ideas flopping.

So here we go, the first FAST FIVE FRIDAY.

FAST FIVE FRIDAY: Top five all-time sitcoms

5) Diff'rent Strokes: They had me at the apostrophe. What am I talkin' bout? I know, this show wasn't remotely funny, but come on, I was a kid. I loved that show.

4) Family Ties: Again, in hindsight, not particularly funny. Hard not to love Michael J. Fox though.

3) Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry David kills me. I love the whole awkward silence kind of humor.

2) The Office: Very sad to see Steve Carrell go. I'm not sure how long the show can last without him, but I do love the ensemble cast.  

1) Seinfeld: It's amazing how many times Seinfeld episodes still pop into my head. Just the other day, a student was driving me nuts, and in my mind I heard George Castanza screaming, "Serenity Now!"

OK, let's hear it. What are your top five all-time sitcoms?


  1. those are awesome & descriptions spot on!
    thanks for the link to Allison Writes - that was a great new idea! (chalk-message mugs!)
    I would add Cheers =)
    have a nice weekend!

  2. Great idea! I also like the topics because it helps me figure out what to write on. I'm kind of lost almost without the A to Z Challenge anymore!

  3. The original "The Office" with Ricky Gervais, "Arrested Develoment", and "Modern Family".
    Oh, and Fox News.

  4. I don't know if I can think of five. I liked The Office and Seinfeld, though, and as Munk pointed out, Fox News is good for a laugh. Man, I don't watch enough television.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, I'm glad you like the feature! I definitely plan to continue...maybe open it for submissions, too! I also LOVE the FFF idea! I might have to do it from time to time.

    My brain is so blank right now... Friends, Psych (hour-long, but funny enough to count as a sitcom?), Seinfeld

  6. Good idea.

    I have done some of those weekday things although I don't do them often. I have "Meal Mondays" and "Worldly Wednesdays".

    As for those tv shows, I like the Office the best out of those 5.

  7. Seinfeld.

    The other night at the hospital where I work, I blurted out "these pretzels are making me thirsty." An older worker looked at me and said.."did you have pretzels with your dinner?" I laughed. She had no idea what I was talking about. But she now understands why, after she sneezes, I say "you're sooooooooo good lookin'"

  8. oh, and Drew Carey always made me laugh.

  9. Seinfeld is a classic. I was a Friends fan. I also loved Raymond. I will watch a couple golden oldies like I Love Lucy and the Dick Van Dyke show.

  10. Just to put it out there: 30 Rock, Modern Family, and Parks & Rec is climbing my list now as well.

    Oh, and Facts of Life. Those girls were CRAZY.

  11. I agree with Munk....well kinda (Fox News?). Gotta watch "The Office" (BBC version)

  12. Tara: I loved Cheers-just missed the cut.

    GLC: They don't tell you about the A-Z hangover.

    Munk: Love Modern Family-almost put it on the list. My wife loves AD. She tried to get me to watch it, but for some reason I never did. Seems like a good one for Netflix.

    LG: Ah, good ol' Fox News.

    allison: Glad you liked the FFF idea. Looking forward to more Sippable Stories.

    OT: I'll keep my eye out for Meal Mondays and Worldly Wednesdays.

    Mike: Awesome stories. I love that you took the time to bring your colleague up to speed. People who don't get Seinfeld references must be educated.

    Mary: And here I thought Diff'rent Strikes was a golden oldie.

    Mickey: Oh man, Facts of Life! Easily could have been on the list instead of Diff'rent Strokes. Crazy sidenote: My cousin married Tooty. My parents went to the wedding. Love 30 Rock, and I agree, Parks and Rec is coming on strong.

    Dawnelle: I need to watch the BBC version of The Office myself.

  13. My five:

    5) The original Bob Newhart Show
    4) The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    3) Frasier
    2) The Odd Couple
    1) Coupling (British Version)

  14. 5. Newhart
    4. Seinfeld
    3. Scrubs
    2. Cheers
    1. Arrested Development

  15. I loved Family Ties. I also like Seinfeld.
    I like the new Friday theme.

  16. I just posted my Fast Five Friday.

  17. I'm back! And my brain is working!

    1) Seinfeld
    2) 3rd Rock from the Sun
    3) NewsRadio
    4) Friends
    5) Little Britain

  18. I love this Friday theme, great idea. Thanks for sharing the other two blogs as well, I was not familiar with those and I love discovering new blogs.

    My top five:

    1) Seinfeld
    2) The Office (UK version - I've never seen the American one but know I should some day)
    3) Arrested Development
    4) Curb Your Enthusiasm
    5) Modern Family (loving that at the moment)

    You should definitely watch Arrested Development on Netflix!

  19. Squilla's AuntMay 7, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    Fun trip down memory lane. I can't rank them; I think it is hard to compare ones you watched as a child with those you watch as an adult - how do you factor in a kid's sense of humor, and that sense of willing belief in magic, and when you didn't know about sets and good acting and bad writing? I also realized that I don't watch a lot of sitcoms now. Never seen 30 Rock (heresy, I know).

    Anyway, here are a few I've enjoyed over the years:
    Brady Bunch
    Happy Days
    Laverne & Shirley
    Gilligan's Island
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    The Office

    Nostalgic mention:
    The Monkees
    Family Affair

  20. I may be showing my age here, but I remember crying when The Mary Tyler Moore Show ended.

    5. Taxi
    4. Frasier
    3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    2. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    1. All in the Family

    Seinfeld is not included because it wasn't a Situation-Comedy. It was a show about nothing. Hilarious show, but what was the situation?

  21. Great idea, Tim. In years past, I would have had a hard time listing only five. But the list (and my viewing time) has thinned considerably.
    You can't not like Curb if you liked Seinfeld! Just too funny.
    I'd add to that list: 30 Rock, followed by The Office. I think the only other show I watch with any regularity is Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Which can be a comedy itself.
    Glad you're enjoying the Friday Night Frolic! :)

  22. What timing. Just thought of a Seinfeld ep hours before reading this, when I was in a bathroom stall with no toilet paper. Luckily I realized it in time and moved to the next one, but couldn't help chuckling to myself, "can you spare a square?"

    I share Meg's love of AD. As a matter of fact, Chris and I just started over with Season 1 on NetFlix LAST NIGHT! (Again, with the timing.) We watched 4 in a row, straight through.

    Love that Squilla mentioned Gilligan's Island. Still probably one of my all time favorites. I ask people all the time if they've ever seen the one when the radioactive seeds washed up on shore. The sugar beets made Mrs. Howell really fast, the spinach made Gilligan super-strong and the carrots made Mary Ann see really well. Classic!

  23. Fun post! I found you while (still) making my way through the A-Z list. I'm having trouble narrowing it down but here goes...

    5) Wings
    4) Everybody Loves Raymond
    3) Mad About You
    2) Home Improvement
    1) The Cosby Show

    And some other favorites...Reba, Friends, Seinfeld. And some older ones like...Leave it to Beaver, Dick Van Dyke.