Friday, May 27, 2011

Fast Five Friday

This week's Fast Five was inspired by my mother-in-law. She sent me a clip of dance scenes from various movies set to "Footloose." My MIL knows my love of all things Footloose, so I had to include the video. It's kind of fun, check it out. You'll have to click on the link because embedding was disabled. The video got me thinking, so today I present my top five movie dance scenes.

5) (500) Days of Summer: I really enjoyed this movie about the rise and fall of a young couple. You don't expect to see a dance scene in this kind of movie, but somehow it fits perfectly. It's set to a Hall and Oates song, and well, in my world, that's brilliant.

4) Napoleon Dynamite: Another great dance scene you don't expect. It's hard not to smile while Napoleon busts a move to help out his buddy, Pedro.

3) West Side Story: I have a real soft spot for West Side Story. I watch it with my students just about every year, and it's always a hit. There are classic dance scenes all over the place, but this one is my favorite.

2) Pulp Fiction: Another movie that doesn't feature dancing, but has one of the all-time great dance scenes. Travolta had been off the cultural radar for quite a while, and Pulp Fiction was one heck of a comeback. It was fun to see Travolta strut his stuff again.

1) Footloose: What can I say. Footloose came out when I was teenager, and it's just one of those movies from my childhood that made a huge impression. I think I like the scene where Ren teaches Willard to dance because I am not the most graceful dancer myself. I sure could have used a Kevin Baconesque mentor to teach me some smooth moves.

Lots of great dance scenes in movies over the years. Let me know what you think of my top five, and as always, I'd love to know which five would make your list?


  1. I wanted Kevin Bacon to teach me how to dance too! I loved that scene. I could still use someone to teach me to dance, I'm no better now. :D

    Great list, love West Side Story too.

  2. Fun Friday Five.

    I'd have to agree with West Side story. And that Napoleon Dynamite scene was pretty funny. Still haven't seen that movie all the way thru. :/

  3. love it - Pulp Fiction is the best but Footloose is the all time cheesiest....

  4. Love that Napoleon Dynamite. Excellent, list Tim.
    I'd anything from Chicago, Billy Elliot, the dance scene from Last Tango in Paris, and I just love the dance scenes from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. What fun. ;)

  5. Great dance scenes. A couple years ago my friend's 6 year old son decided to make up a dance for my birthday. He totally danced like Napoleon Dynamite.

  6. Great post. My Picks: Make 'em Laugh (Danny Kaye) from Singing in the Rain, ANYTHING by the Nicholas Brothers, and of course, Batman in that Riddler episode.

  7. Julie: I think it's time for Bacon to dance in the movies again. It could be a real spark for his career.

    LG: Loved ND-quirky and sweet.

    David: Yeah, Footloose is cheesy, but I can't deny I love it.

    Jayne: Billy Elliot was close to making the list.

    Carrie: That's an awesome birthday present!

    Munk: I hate to admit it, but I haven't seen Singing in the Rain. It's on that list, the one of all the movies I need to see but never seem to get around to.

  8. I heart Pulp Fiction. Which is weird because usually I don't like movies with so much violence. I would also question not including "Dirty Dancing" but it really is just one big awesome dance scene.

  9. I haven't seen 3 of those, but 500 days and Napoleon ARE excellent scenes! Make me wanna dance.

  10. I like all of your picks, but I also was never a big Footloose fan.

    Pacino. Scent of a Woman Tango scene.

    But for fun, even though it may not be considered a dance scene, is the end of There's Something About Mary. As outrageous as the movie was, I didn't expect the video at the end.

  11. All but the West Side Story clip would be on my list too. I think I would add the dance scene at the end of the 40 Year Old Virgin too.

  12. i liked 500 days only because he got another chance, zooey is so unattainable. what is it about that girl?
    great post =)
    happy mem day!

  13. Saw footloose at an outdoor movie event a year ago and it was so fun. Everyone laughed hard at some of those dance scenes. Great topic.

  14. Pulp Fiction is my absolute favourite here and if I was compiling a list, I guess Dirty Dancing would HAVE to feature

  15. Squilla's AuntMay 29, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Probably cliched, but I liked the tryout scene in Flashdance. I'm a sucker for "underdog succeeds" movies.

  16. A wonderful lineup of videos. I'm not such a movie nerd, but I love the moment with Antonio Banderas in Take the Lead.

  17. Napoleon and Pulp Fiction are definitely a couple of my favorite scenes. All of Footloose is just absolutely amazing; how can you not love a rebel who just wants to dance? But how can you forget about Saturday Night Fever or Dirty Dancing? Also amazing scenes!