Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Two Cents on Favre

I'm not going to lie, when the Packers pushed Favre out the door, I was beside myself. I thought it was the wrong move then, and a big part of me still does. Clearly, Aaron Rodgers is a great player, and who knows, he could wind up winning more Super Bowls than Favre, but looking at these past 2 seasons, I think the Packers would have been a better team with Favre at the helm. I know there are plenty of people who vehemently disagree, but i just can't shake that feeling.

Despite these feelings, I am a Packers fan-period. I was rooting against the Vikings like I would any other year, Favre or not. The Vikings have always had great players: Moss, Carter, Randle, McDaniel, the list goes on and on. I respected their game, but I cheered against every one of them as hard as I could. Same rules apply to Favre. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Brett Favre as a football player, but if he's not playing for my team, he's just another guy I cheer against.

One of the problems I have with the whole Favre thing is the emotional attachment to a guy, who quite frankly, his fans know nothing about. Oh, I'm sure many people think they know the real Favre because the way he plays the game must tell us something about what kind of person he is. I disagree. I respect Favre the football player. Sure, from what I know of Favre, he seems like a good guy, but I thought Steve McNair was a good guy, I thought Tiger was a good guy. I'm not saying Favre is like those two, but you have to concede the point-being a great football player doesn't necessarily mean you're a great person off the field. So now that Brett is on a different team, whether I agree with the decision or not, I turn my attention to other great players on my team-the Packers. Charles Woodson is a first ballot hall of famer himself, Donald Driver and Al Harris are as tough as Favre any day of the week. How about what Chad Clifton went through after the Sapp hit? Just because Favre is gone, that doesn't mean we should lose sight of the great players that still struggle every day just as hard as ole Brett.

It's weird to watch Favre play for the Vikings. I thought long and hard about skipping the two Viking/Packer games this year, but in the end, this whole melodrama has reaffirmed my love of the GBPs. In a strange way, I have Favre to thank for that.

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