Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes

Every year Meg and I watch the Golden Globes, hoping a celebrity or two gets drunk and does something ridiculous. We're usually disappointed, and last night was no different. Julia Roberts sounded a little hopped up before the show, but "who's Natalie" isn't much to get excited about. Tina Fey cracked a nice joke about Mariah Carey, but that was about it really. Ricky Gervais was funny, but there wasn't enough of him. I loved the tribute to Scorsese. I don't know if Leo wrote his part, but I really liked what he said. I agree, Scorsese is a Picasso, a Shakespeare, his impact on film is that large. After Hours and The Color of Money, two of my all-time favorites.

The awards themselves were quite interesting. I was surprised that The Hangover won for best comedy/musical, but even more surprised that Avatar won in the drama category. I was pretty sure Up in the Air would win that one. Jason Reitman looked a bit stunned himself. It was a bit too quiet when Cameron was making his speech; I have a feeling he's not the most well-liked guy in the room. The Hollywood Foreign Press probably voted for him because you can't deny what a global phenomenon Avatar is right now, and that group would appreciate the global impact more than others. It will be interesting to see if Cameron's American peers reward him at the Oscars. My money is back on Up in the Air.

The best part of the show for Meg and I was Jeff Bridges winning best actor. The Dude is finally getting some love, and I hope it continues at the Oscars. The guy's had a brilliant career, very underappreciated. Clooney is Hollywood royalty, so I wouldn't be surprised if he took the statue home, but I will be pulling wholeheartedly for Bridges. The Dude abides.

I would have liked to see Karen O win in the song category. Here's hoping she performs at the Oscars. Good for Sandra Bullock. She's not my favorite, but I respect her success. Meryl Streep continues to impress. I loved both of her nominated roles, but I was even more impressed by her spot-on acceptance speech. She is such a class act.

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