Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fast Five: Olympic Highlights

I'm writing this post as I watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics with the family. That's what this Olympics has been about for me-family. The girls really got into the spirit, and their enthusiasm made these last two weeks a transcendent experience. I'm sad the the Games are over, but also glad to get back to a more regular schedule.

The Olympics are always full of memorable moments, and these Games were no different. The Rileys have spent a good chunk of today discussing our favorite Olympic moments. So as I watch The Pet Shop Boys sing "West End Girls" in some seriously ridiculous outfits, these are my top five moments of the 2012 Olympic Games:

5)  The Queen's Entrance: I thought Danny Boyle did a nice job with the Opening Ceremony. I enjoyed the ode to the national health system and the young couple finding love with help from their cell phones, but the highlight of the OC had to be the Queen and James Bond parachuting in.

4) The Blade Runner: Oscar Pistorius didn't claim a medal, but in my mind, there was no bigger winner. Pistorius showed us all what real courage is, and his performance will continue to inspire me for a long time.

3) King of the Pool: There will be plenty of debate about who's the greatest Olympian of all time, but the choice is simple for me. Michael Phelps: 22 medals, 18 gold=fuggitaboutit.

Before I get to #2, why the hell isn't The Who singing their own damn song.

2) Fab Five: My girls fell in love with Gabby, Aly, Jordyn, McKayla, and Kyla. It was a blast to watch them screaming and cheering for their every move. They nearly lost their minds when the Fab Five won the team competition.

1) Queens of the Track: The American women set a world record in the 4x100 relay. When Carmelita Jeter crossed the finish line pointing at the clock because she knew they'd set the world record, the Rileys were going crazy.

These are five great memories that I'll take away from the London Games. Which moments will stick with you?

P.S. Why in the holy hell is Liam Gallagher performing without his brother?


  1. As a Canadian, the highlight for me was the decathlon because an unsuspecting Canadian made it to a top 5 finish. Overall, my favourite Arts moment was Emile Sande singing Abide with Me; my favourite sports moment was watching the Brownlee brothers run in the triathlon.

  2. I didn't watch near as much as I would have liked -- the time just got away from me. I did, however, really enjoy the synchronized swimmers. Those women just did not look human -- remarkable stamina! And the cyclist from France that left everyone eating her wake was pretty amazing. My favorite performance though was a gymnast from Belarus who took the bronze after her floor routine and then just wept at the end from all of the emotion. Her performance moved me more than the 'shoo-in' for the gold.

    Is it just me or did anyone else think the Closing Ceremony sucked? I thought Canada's hosting of the WO in 2010 was infinitely classier.

  3. Most Dreamy: Ryan Lochte
    Most Amazing: Oscar Pistorias
    Most Touching: Pals Farah and Rupp
    Most Heartbreaking: Ellie Black
    Best Bod: Allyson Felix

  4. I loved Gabby and the rest of the gymnasts.
    And the 4 x 100 relay women.
    And you know what, I kind of liked that American diver too, the one who got the gold. Don't even know his name, but he was sweet and sort of surprised I think.
    I also liked Farah and Rupp and was impressed by how much the British loved Farah and cheered him on.
    Finally, I kind of fell for that Ugandan who beat the Kenyans in the marathon. He ran a cool race and it worked for him.
    Thanks for this fun wrap up of a great Olympics Games.

  5. Sadly, we didn't get to watch any of the games. I think next time we will get cable just for the month of the Olympics.

  6. I love the Olympics. I get into the Olympic spirit every two years and my kids moan and groan at the TV takeover that occurs since I watch very little TV most of the time (except during football season).

    The funny thing is by the time the Olympics really get rolling, my daughters are as glued to the TV as I am and my favorite moments are always to see the unexpected winners, the stories of struggle, the examples of sportsmanship. The medals are great but the underdogs, with no chance of medalling, competing with their whole hearts--that's why I love the Olympics,

  7. The diver's dad was way cool too. Got me teary. Ally the gymnast's parents were a hoot too.

  8. The thing that blows me away is Usain Bolt. The dude runs 28 miles per hour. At six miles per hour, I'm out of breath on the treadmill.

    I'm gonna say it again.

    TWENTY-EIGHT miles per hour. How is that possible?