Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toy Story Meets Lost

Pixar movies are some of my favorite movies, animated or otherwise. You never think they can outdo their last movie, and then they go and do it. I especially love the Toy Story series, and #3 was amazing. I fully expect TS3 to be nominated for Best Picture when Oscar nominations come out later this year. If you haven't seen it, make it your next movie. The last 15 minutes in particular are as good as movies get.

My favorite TV show of all time has to be Lost. It was frustrating as hell at times, but ultimately, I could never give up on it. Every time I thought I was tired of being strung along, something happened to hook me again. I particularly loved the music. Michael Giacchino's music for the show was brilliant.

I came across this video last week on one of my favorite blogs, /Film, a great source of comprehensive news about the movie industry. This clip combines a scene from TS3 with the music of Lost. It's a surprisingly perfect combination. Call me a sap all you want, but it makes me a little verklempt. Check it out, see what you think. Sorry about the right side of the screen being a bit cut off. Still trying to figure out this whole uploading video thing.


  1. That looks so sad ...why would they made a children's movies sad! :(

  2. You are a kid at heart, aren't you? :)

  3. You're right, it does work! Toy Story 3 was brilliant. I didn't expect much and was completely blown away. I bawled through most of it, especially this scene ....!!