Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to Full Strength

Different kind of weekend for the Rileys. Meg and Scout were in Sacramento for the Oireachtas (O-rock-tus).  This was Scout's first time at regionals, and even though she didn't place, it was a positive experience. I think she was just happy to be there this year, but if I know Scout, she'll readjust her goals and work hard to reach them. That may mean getting called back for the third dance, it may even mean placing. Whatever the goal is, I know Scout will work hard to make it happen. I love that about Scout, she's a determined kid.  

It felt weird around the house without Meg and Scout, but it was really fun to spend so much quality time with Quinn. She filled in for Scout at soccer practice Thursday night, and she more than held her own with the older girls. We won our last regular season game Friday night, and now it's on to the playoffs. I probably shouldn't be as jacked up about the playoffs as I am, but what can I tell ya, I'm a competitive guy.

Quinn's team played their last game Saturday, and even though they lost, it was fun to watch Quinn flying all over the field. She didn't have much help from her teammates this year, but she worked her tail off every game. She was definitely one of the top players at this level, and I can't wait to see her on a bigger field next year.

After the game, Quinn and I watched the Badgers dismantle Michigan. Wisconsin's last win in Ann Arbor was 1994. The last time the Badgers beat Ohio State and Michigan in the same season was 1981. It was only the third time in school history that the football team has beaten Michigan, Ohio State, and Iowa in the same season. While the Badgers were making history on the field, there was a little history being made in the Riley house. This was the first time one of the girls watched an entire football game with me.

Meg and Scout drove straight through, getting home late Saturday night. Quinn couldn't fall asleep knowing they were on their way, and she came darting out of her room when she heard the car coming up the drive way. I don't know how to explain it very well, but the vibe of the house changed as soon as Meg and Scout walked in the door. The Rileys were back to full strength, and it just felt, right.         


  1. Just when it was all going so well between us ... we both have soccer playing daughters, sports loving households and then ... then .... You had to throw down about my poor, pathetic Wolverines and the gen-you-wine ass kicking we received yesterday. Sigh.

    That aside ... congrats to your kids - what a great weekend.


  2. It always feel good when your family is assembled and has its strength back up. I bet that's how The Fantastic Four feels after a vacation or long illness.

  3. your postings are always so upbeat and wholesome. They make me feel rather guilty for loafing around and not doing anything constructive with the kids - soccer team here we come...