Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Birthday Girl

We celebrated Quinn's 7th birthday on Friday with a bowling party. For the last 3 years we did the jumping castle party at the house, but this year Quinn wanted to change things up. Good party, the kids bowled a couple games, ate some pizza and ice cream, ended with the presents. It's just a blast to watch Quinny goof around with her friends.

My little girl is 7! It's not right. I know it's trite, cliche, but seriously, where is the time going? Leading up to her birthday I was joking with Quinn that I wasn't going to let her turn 7, she had to stay 6 for the rest of her life. Her indignation was hilarious. I am so proud of Quinny, she's making such big strides. She has worked very hard on her reading this year, and she's right at the cusp of being an independent reader. She was a stud on the soccer field this year, and her Irish dancing has really come a long way.

It's bittersweet, this parenting gig. I'd love to keep my little 6 year old Q forever, but it's pure joy to see the beautiful person she is becoming. The kid just has a lust for life, she's full-on 24/7. That energy is infectious, she picks me up all the time. A lot of changes for my baby girl this year, but I know that spirit will never change. Part of me hates to see another year roll by, but at the same time, it's incredibly rewarding to see how far my little girl has come.

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