Sunday, October 7, 2012

Am I Undecided?

A lot was made of the first presidential debate; the TV talking heads lost their collective minds. Conservatives were giddy that Romney performed well, and liberals were dismayed that Obama performed poorly. I actually had something better to do, coaching soccer, and while I normally record things I want to watch later, I purposely skipped the debate. My plan was to let the media coverage do my thinking for me. I mean, that is what CNN, FOX, and MSNBC are for, right?

So Romney won and Obama lost. But does it really matter? I don't think anyone bases their vote on debates anymore. All the information is out there already, and most of us picked our guy a long time ago.

But apparently undecided voters are still out there, and they may very well decide the election.

As this recent Saturday Night Live skit points out, that's kind of scary.

My apologies if you are an undecided voter. But seriously?


  1. You should vote for Obama if you know what's good for you. As someone in the education system, he sure flip flops on issues. But one thing is tried and true...the Republicans do not respect education the same as Democrats. They are too tied to ideology, make war on evolution and science, and essentially believe that unions are a bad thing.

    Romney may become our next president, and although that pains me, I've accepted that. But I will never like the fact that the leader of our union truly believes the Garden of Eden is in Missouri.

  2. I think an undecided voter is a scary idea given the different philosophies. But there are people who think they are decided who can suddenly switch and the debate has put Romney back in contention after he was dead in the water. I guess debates rarely decide elections, though.

  3. @David: I think debates do decide elections quite often. Look at Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan? And we live in a society where all that matters is looks. Anyone that only listened to the Biden vs. Ryan debate thought Biden won. Of people watching the debate, gay men and women really were smitten by Ryan's good looks. It was all over twitter, and Ryan was referred to as "adorable puppy getting beaten up on by that crusty old man." No where in there were people listening to what was said. Ryan could say, "I'm going to eat your first born children," and it wouldn't have mattered. All they saw were his nice blue eyes. This afterall is the country of honey boo boo and Jersey Shore.

  4. The idea of a still undecided voter is equal parts sad and scary.