Monday, July 16, 2012

What Were They Thinking?

Bruce Springsteen did a show in London over the weekend. The guy is 62 and the show was over three hours long. Even if you don't like The Boss, you gotta give the man his credit. He's out there puttin the young kids to shame.

The London crowd probably lost their minds near the end of the show when none other than Sir Paul McCartney joined Springsteen on stage. Bruce and Paul played "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Twist and Shout." Bruce told the crowd he'd been dreaming of playing with McCartney for 50 years, so one can only assume they would have played more songs together. 

Apparently there was some kind of curfew, and unbelievably, the plug was pulled on two of the all-time greats. I'm not normally one to worry about the fall of western civilization, but if Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney can't play music as long as they damn well please on a Saturday night, there is something fundamentally wrong with society.


  1. Very anal retentive move London. What the hell?

  2. That is disturbing. Being from a 24hr town like Las Vegas, curfews are somewhat alien to me anyway, but I had no idea that a concert could have a curfew on it, especially with Springsteen and McCartney...Armageddon must really be on its way.

  3. What a mess. I agree with Nari, armageddon must be on the way.

  4. I read about this too and couldn't believe it. I can't even imagine how mad the crowd must have been. Any time I've been to a Bruce show I've never wanted it to end.

  5. Agh man, I was so angry! We were just getting back into the music after being shellshocked by the fact a BEATLE was on the stage, and then they pulled the plug!

    But now this gig has gone down as one of the all time great gigs.

    And the curfew was a big reason for it.

    All in all, a special show. It began with a version of 'Thunder Road' that was just Roy on keyboard and Bruce at the mic (with harmonica) --- it included Tom Morello and a version of 'The Promised Land' with John Fogerty. And then two songs with a BEATLE.

    Yes, an amazing night!

  6. Thanks for posting the video. That was pure joy--until the plug was pulled. You have to wonder why London could not have made a concession for these two. Incredible. This is the sort of stuff that can cause riots!

  7. I think they were worried about all the rich old people living in Park Lane, next to the park. But then, they would be just about the same age as these two guys and maybe they were enjoying a free show and were mad it got cut off as well.