Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for...........

Y is for..........Yellow Jackets.

I was never much of a soccer guy, but when my girls started playing, I quickly became a fan. In fact, I've been coaching one of the girls' teams for the last 6 years.

This past season was my first coaching Quinn's team, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The Yellow Jackets were a great bunch of girls. They worked hard all year, and that hard work paid off with an undefeated season.

The highlight of the season came in the championship game.

There was a girl on the team who wasn't very good. Her own parents called her a baby giraffe. She wasn't fleet of foot, but she was smart. I usually played her at forward, hoping she could get a goal. She would stay in position and throughout the year she had some chances to score, but the shots just wouldn't find the back of the net.

The championship game was very competitive. We took a 1-0 lead early in the second half, but things were still tense. I had my girl at forward, and sure enough, one of her teammates made a beautiful crossing pass. She was in perfect position, wide open, and she blasted that baby in. Our sideline went nuts. And not just the girls' parents, all the parents. Everyone knew this was our girl's first goal of the season, and in the championship game no less. It was awesome.

Winning the championship was cool, but the best part was the look on that girl's face when she scored that goal. It's something I'll never forget.


  1. YES!!


    Always wanted to do that. :)

  2. What a great post. And, you know, you are doing something else too: Creating some great memories for your girls.

  3. I initially thought, "YIKES! I hate yellow jackets."

    Then I realized you weren't talking about wasps :)


  4. Great story, and great memory for everyone on the team. I love when that stuff happens and everyone is rooting for the kid!

  5. Love this story. I hope she learned something from this experience that that she got a few more goals.

  6. Go, Yellow Jackets! I've been a coach and I know how it feels to have that wonderful feeling shared with an entire team. Hello from A to Z.

  7. I feel a tear coming on. Really. How nice for her and everyone there.

  8. I got a lump in my throat just imagining that girl scoring the goal. It almost seems like a movie. Awesome story. :)