Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Duct Tape Kid

Yesterday one of my students came into class with 5 rolls of duct tape on his arm.  When I asked what all the duct tape was for, he responded, "I'm an entrepreneur.  I make things out of duct tape and sell them."  This kid is pretty bright, so I was curious.  My expectations weren't real high mind you, but then the kid pulls out this perfect long-stemmed red rose.  My picture doesn't really do them justice, but trust me, the detail is impressive.

The kid could tell I was impressed, and being an astute young businessman, he went right for the sale.  "You want to buy one? 3 bucks, two for five." I had to laugh, the kid had chutzpah.  I knew the girls would love these, so I ordered two and told him I'd gladly pay full price to support his fledgling business. Realizing he had a live one, my man then asked if I needed a wallet. He showed me one of his wallets, and while the craftsmanship was again top-notch, I politely declined.  No worries, he already had a number of orders for wallets anyway.  He told me he was working on a prototype (his exact word) of a tie that he hoped to start selling soon as well. The bell rang, and I walked away chuckling to myself.

The duct tape kid is good.  Not only did he have my order ready today, he also came to school sporting his tie prototype, a red and white striped beauty.  He already had several orders by 3rd period.  At $7 a pop, he figures they could be a real moneymaker.  He asked what I was going to do with the roses, and when I told him I was going to give them to my daughters, he immediately offered to make a vase to hold them.  I had to laugh.  This kid is going places.


  1. Depending on who you draw for Christmas, you might want to buy that wallet!

    Also, you should have him sign the flowers. A kid with a drive like that....his signature might be worth something some day!

  2. That kid will be the next Bill Gates! Those roses are adorable!