Monday, April 12, 2010

All Part of the Job

As a teacher, I consider keeping up with pop culture part of my job. You can really connect with a kid if you're able to talk about music, movies, and yes, even books. The Twilight series is a perfect example. Like it or not, these books are huge in the world of middle school. I finally broke down in '08 and read Twilight when I noticed how many girls were toting the thing around. My reaction to the book was lukewarm, and I would have gladly stopped there, but I had some really great girls in class that year, and I let them talk me into giving New Moon a chance. I liked the addition of werewolves, but other than that, I still wasn't hooked. At that point, I felt like I'd done my duty, I would not be finishing the series.

When Twilight hit theaters in "09, I have to admit, I was interested to see it. Not enough to brave the mall, but I did watch it on DVD. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Some of the special effects were laughably bad, but overall, I thought the movie was an upgrade form the source material. I was done with the books, but I was open to more movies.

This weekend Meg and I watched New Moon. The special effects were better, no more ridiculous shots of RPatz running with Kristen Stewart on his back. We loved the music, great Killers song over the final credits. Citizen Kane it's not, but we had a good time. I still have no plans to read the other two books, but I will watch the movies. Just doing my job.


  1. Oh, but the books improve! Her writing definitely developed and grew with each additional book. I'm not a crazy Twihard, but I rather enjoyed the books and don't mind the movies.

    Well done on keeping up with the brats! :P

  2. For a little over four years I work as an assistant director in a library. I never understood the Twilight craze but, knew I had to keep them stocked on the selves. I haven't read the books but, my wife and I have watched the movies once they hit dvd. Magic they are not but, I can understand draw that brings the kids in. I wonder what the literary craze will be when my daughter hits the teen years.