Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dad Time at the Movies

Scout and I went to see Percy Jackson last weekend. Quinn thought it might be a little scary, so we set up a play date for her at the house. Scout loved it so much she reread the book, and then read the next three. We need to get the last book, but I'm waiting for it in paperback. Scout's obsession is rubbing off on Meg and Quinn, so I'm sure we'll all see it together soon.

I started reading the series a couple years ago when a bunch of my 7th graders turned me on to it. I really enjoy the books, and I was very excited to see the movie, especially when I found out Chris Columbus was directing. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and I hope it succeeds so the other books make it to the screen as well. The special effects are top-notch, and the actors are likable enough, particularly the guy who played Grover, very funny. I"m not usually one to complain about changes from the book, but I do think the omission of Ares is suspect. Who knows, maybe we'll see him in a second film.

The thing I like most is Scout's reaction. She clearly bought into the whole movie magic thing with this one, and that elevates it for me. I remember that feeling as a kid with movies like Star Wars and Raiders. I don't know if I would like Percy as much if weren't for Scout, but her enthusiasm is contagious, so right now, I'm a big fan.

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